Woodworking, mostly

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  1. Switching from Windows to Mac

    About a year ago I changed jobs and went from a Windows machine to a MacBook Pro. Here are some of the issues I struggled with at first. Keyboard & Mouse ...

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  2. Redesigned and sturdier coffee table

    I redesigned the base to make it sturdier and wider. The previous coffee table base was a bit too narrow and the design just looked off. Made a new table top as ...

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  3. Night stands master bedroom

    Finished these a while ago and even won a small plywood challenge with them. 18 mm pine plywood joined with dowels.

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  4. Walnut knife handle

    Made a new walnut knife handle to replace broken plastic one. The plastic knife handle broke off and I thought I'd be good idea to replace it with a walnut ...

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  5. Coffee table base

    Finished the base for the coffee table (and already working on a second, more sturdier version of the base) Made tapered legs with a nice roundover on one side. ...

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