Woodworking, mostly

Some tech posts too. You'll figure it out.

  1. Garbage pickup reminder via Home Assistant

    Using afvalbeheer's recycleapp_morgen sensor, you can easily send a notification to your phone the day before garbage pickup.

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  2. Quick Release Vise Build

    Made a quick release vise for my newly made workbench based on Pask Makes' excellent plans.

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  3. Plywood shoe rack

    Shoes everywhere, all day, every day. Time for a shoe rack and some tough discipline!

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  4. A Custom Closet for the Guest Room

    We had a second-hand closet in our guest room but it was plain old ugly and too big for the room. We also wanted to orient the bed in another way and maybe even put in a double bed.

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  5. My first workbench

    Once you start building a workbench for yourself, you never stop with the first.

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