Woodworking, mostly

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  1. Makita MLT100 tablesaw upgrades

    Got my hands on a Mikita MLT100 tablesaw and here's what I did to make it a bit better. Fence upgrade The standard fence is quite shite and flexes with even a ...

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  2. Display, record and control an android device

    As a mobile QA engineer I find myself recording screen videos almost every day. I've been using the command line tool scrcpy for this for a while now. It can be ...

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  3. Bathroom closets

    After tiling the bathroom floor we decided to put the washing machine and dryer in a dedicated closet. And also add a simple hanging cabinet with two doors. ...

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  4. Walnut pencil holders

    As a Christmas gift, I made two walnut pencil holders with continuous grain. One with pine inlay and one with reinforced splines.

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  5. Plywood panel carrier

    Made a handy carrier to transport full sheets of plywood or MDF. Based on the brilliant Pask Makes.

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