Woodworking, mostly

Some tech posts too. You'll figure it out.

  1. Consuming weather data from a rest API in Home Assistant

    With OpenWeatherMap's api 2.5 being deprecated I went to look for alternatives for the outdoor temperature.

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  2. Walnut coffee scoop

    A late mother's day present made from walnut scraps (of which I never seem to run out of).

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  3. Restoring a rusty Ochsenkopf axe

    We found a rusty axe in our neighbour's garden and I decided to restore it.

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  4. Kaneelkoeken

    De lekkerste kaneelkoeken, al zeg ik het zelf.

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  5. Walnut serving tray

    A last-minute gift for a wedding, made from walnut leftovers.

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