Redesigned and sturdier coffee table

— 1 minute read

I redesigned the base to make it sturdier and wider. The previous coffee table base was a bit too narrow and the design just looked off.​

New coffee table base

Made a new table top as well as this new one is slightly larger. Used dominoes instead of cookies this time.

Dominoes to join the table top

Shiny new table top


First time at the lathe, really enjoyed this.


To keep the rails in place during glue-up I used a small finishing nail and cut off the top. The masking tape is to prevent glue from spilling out.

Finishing nail with cut-off top

Gluing up the rails

First coat of Danish oil. Really does make walnut pop.

Coffee table base with first coat of Danish oil

Attaching the top with some home-made table top buttons.

Table top buttons

Brass screws are the only option for this. Really.

Table top buttons fastened with brass screws

Really happy I redesigned the coffee table and made it anew.

Brand new coffee table, yaay