My favourite woodworking channels on YouTube

— 2 minute read

Here's a list of my favourite woodworking channels.​

Ishitani Furniture permalink

My all-time favourite channel to watch. Japanese furniture maker that makes you all zen. No talking, just beautiful shots of beautifully crafted pieces of furniture. Never seems to rush.

Pask Makes permalink

Your friendly Australian woodworker, not afraid of making mistakes and revisiting old projects. Wonderful in combining metal and wood. Check out his quick release vise build:

Mike Farrington permalink

Watch a professional cabinetmaker with the coolest and cleanest (seriously) workshop on YouTube. Insightful tips told in the most soothing voice of the States. Mostly customer projects that also include shots of installation. Lovely sense of humour.

Diresta permalink

The godfather of YouTube makers. Not your traditional woodworker, but a true maker with a plethora of skills like forging, welding, 3D-printing, leather working. His tips videos are essential for any maker.

Samurai Carpenter permalink

Canadian woodworker with a great sense of humour. Detailed explanations no longer on his main channel but accessible via his subscription based Samurai Woodworking School. Maker of the coolest workbench ever.

Matthias Wandel permalink

No-nonsense Canadian woodworker with a very scientific approach. Loves to make his own machines and experiment with all sorts of jigs.

John Heisz permalink

Another canadian with a great (albeit grumpy) sense of humour. The ultimate plywood woodworker. Also loves making his own tools.

Wood By Wright permalink

All-handtool woodworker with excellent tips on complex joints, sawing, shaving and finishing hardwood.

Jay Bates permalink

American woodworker working mostly with hardwood. Very didactic and great video editing skills.