Makita MLT100 tablesaw upgrades

— 1 minute read

Got my hands on a Makita MLT100 tablesaw and here's what I did to make it a bit better.​

Fence upgrade permalink

The standard fence is quite shite and flexes with even a minimal amount of pressure. It's also way too short. I added some plywood to the existing fence and made sure it hooked across the back of the table for extra rigidity.

Custom fence

Added some cork for extra friction.

Custom fence

Custom fence

Cross-cut sled permalink

A must have for every tablesaw. Especially true for this one as the built-in sliding extension has too much play to be of use.

cross-cut sled

Zero-clearance insert permalink

Dust extraction is really poor on this saw. To help a bit I made a zero-clearance insert out of MDF.

Zero-clearance insert

Cyclone dust extraction permalink

Still testing out a prototype cyclone dust extraction system which hooks up to a regular vacuum cleaner.

Cyclone dust extraction

Look! There's dust inside!

Cyclone dust extraction