Garbage pickup reminder via Home Assistant

— 3 minute read

Using afvalbeheer's recycleapp_morgen sensor, you can easily send a notification to your phone the day before garbage pickup.​

  1. Install the custom component afvalbeheer.
  2. Configure your waste collector in /config/configuration.yaml, and make sure to add upcomingsensor: 1. I use RecycleApp for Belgium.
 - platform: afvalbeheer
   wastecollector: RecycleApp
    - restafval
    - papier
    - pmd
    - glas
   postcode: 9000
   streetnumber: 666
   streetname: Duivelsteeg
   upcomingsensor: 1
   builtinicons: 1
  1. Add the following config to /config/automations.yaml.

  - alias: 'Send Garbage Reminder'
    - platform: state
        - sensor.recycleapp_morgen
    condition: "{{ states.sensor.recycleapp_morgen.state != 'None' }}"
      - service: notify.mobile_app_iPhone
          message: "♻️ Morgen: {{ states.sensor.recycleapp_morgen.state }}"

By using platform: state the automation is triggered when the state of sensor.recycleapp_morgen changes. This happens when it is the day before pickup and then returns the items that are being collected.

In order not to trigger the automation when the state becomes empty on bin day itself, I added this condition: {{ states.sensor.recycleapp_morgen.state != 'None' }}

Then simply add an action to notify your mobile phone and presto!

Garbage collection reminder
No more excuses!